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The range of different thermoplastics we use is diverse: PBT, PP, PE, PC, ABS, SAN, PS, PPO, PPS, ASA, PA6, PA66 and TPE. The processing of reinforced plastics and all kinds of engineering plastics is also part of our technological know-how. A colour palette is available to you. This allows us to offer customised colours and shades.

All Anziplast's raw materials are stored in a central raw materials warehouse and drawn to the injection moulding machine through a fully-automated vacuum system.
This method reduces the handling time and handling costs to a minimum.

Anziplast has 3 silos, in which the most frequently-used materials are received and stored in bulk. The raw materials are then delivered directly from these silos to the injection moulding machines.

This method also minimises the chance of contamination of the raw materials to be processed. 

Some materials, such as PA6, require internal drying using the drying installation before they can be used in the production process. Some products acquire their ideal properties in the conditioning room.

We strive be environmentally-friendly in our production process and material is therefore recycled using the pulverising machine.

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ISO/TS 16949 certification

Anziplast continuously strives to meet the highest quality standards.
Since July 2017, Anziplast has been officially ISO / TS 16949 certified.


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